Savannah, Great Pyrenees 

livestock guardian dog.

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Harvest Time

Join us each Sunday morning from 11 am to 3 pm to learn how to harvest a chicken to prepare for a delicious, local raised, farm fresh meal. Special on farm pricing!

it all starts with a baby chick...

...And begins again on your table

Local, Pasture Raised, Hormone/Antibiotic Free Poultry

Gilbert, Great Pyrenees 

livestock guardian dog.

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Our American Heritage Whites are hatched at Moyer's Hatchery in Pennsylvania on Mondays, shipped to us for arrival on Wednesday and then raised on our farm in Weirsdale, FL from two days old to harvest. 

Within 6-8 weeks and without the use of antibiotics, steroids, or hormones our birds attain a harvest weight between 3-5 lbs.

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