Wholesome Conversions Farms now has non-GMO broilers available! After our second time attending the APPPA conference, we decided that offering  a non-GMO option was good for the local farmer that spends his/her life growing the non-GMO feed, our customers who prefer it, and our farm because we get to meet new people in our community. Variety is the spice of life! Offering you a product that you appreciate certainly spices it up for us as well. At $6.50/lb you can't go wrong with these non-GMO chickens.

From arrival to harvest (from the chicks perspective):

Day # 









Local, Pasture Raised, Hormone/Antibiotic Free Poultry

Wholesome Conversions Farms

we (chicks) arrive from Moyer's Chicks within 36 hours of hatching

our home is closely monitored for temperature and humidity and our feed trays are kept full

today we got "Toppers" put onto our feed trays and now we do not need such close "chick" sitting

from our arrival to 20 days old we are kept in a brooder at 90-75 degrees. (Yes, we know that is backwards, but when we arrive the brooder is at 90 degrees and as our feathers grow our farmers gradually reduce the heat we need.)  

we are enjoying frolicking with our friends, eating delicious roasted non-GMO food, and dust bathing ourselves in our organic peat-moss bedding

at 21 days old we are "mature" or at least mature enough to leave home and move to the pasture

now we get to sun-bathe, enjoy non-GMO feed from larger feeders, and watch the sun set each night  

Fresh from the farm, we are ready to come to your house and feed your family. Our avg weight will be between 3-4 lbs

Fresh from  the farm, we are ready to come to your house and feed your family. Our avg weight will be between 4-6 lbs.

Our non-GMO feed comes from Resaca Sun Feeds in Resaca, GA which grows and harvests the grain they use within a 60 mile radius of their farm.